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Greenwood School – Governor Details 2016/17

Name Category Appointed By Term No. of Yrs & End Date Responsibilities
Jean Bell Staff Staff 4 Years - 27/07/2019
Dominic Coburn Head Teacher Ex Officio Ex Officio
Roland Marsh Community Governing Body 4 Years - 20/03/2022 Quality of Teaching, Learning & Assessment
Jenny Pitman Local Authority Local Authority 4 Years - 07/10/2018 Vice Chair, Outcomes for Pupils
Louise Fitzgerald Community Governing Body 4 Years - 20/09/2021
Joanna Taylor Community Governing Body 4 Years - 20/09/2020 Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare
Miss Kathryn Marshall Community Governing Body 4 Years - 14/06/2021 Chair of Governors, Leadersgip & Management & Finance
Vacancy Community Governing Body
Vacancy Parent Parent
PAST GOVERNORS 2015/2016/2017
Colin Backhouse Community Governing Body Appointed 15/11/16 Resigned 16/2/2017
Caroline Jones Community Governing Body Appointed 10/1/16 Resigned 15/3/2017
Debra Robinson Parent Parents Appointed 01/12/2015 Term ended 21/9/2016
James Rowland Community Local Authority Appointed 2/7/14 Term ended 16/06/2017
Nigel Pressnell Community Governing Body Appointed 16/03/2016 Term ended 21/9/2017
Christine Wood Community Governing Body Appointed 20/9/16 Resigned 12/10/2017
Alastair Angwin Community Governing Body Appointed 16/3/16 Term ended 15/11/2017
Charlie Von Landau Community Governing Body Appointed 23/3/2014 Term ended 24/3/2018

Register of Governors’ Interests 2015/16

Name Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment
or Acquisition
Date of Cessation
of Interest
Date of Entry
Jean Bell Greenwood School PRU Employed as Teacher Sept 2017
Dominic Coburn Greenwood School PRU Employed as Headteacher Director of Gryphon Multi Academy Trust Sept 2017
Roland Marsh Applemore College School Employed as Headteacher Sept 2017
Kathryn Marshall Noadswood School School Employed as Headteacher Sept 2017
Jenny Pitman Testwood Sports College School Employed as Headteacher Sept 2017
Joanna Taylor Ringwood School School Employed as Asst Headteacher Sept 2017
Charlie Von Landau Nil
Louise Fitzgerald
Christine Wood HCC LA Employed by Childrens Services

Governor Attendance Meeting 2016/2017

21st September 2016 16th November 2016 15th March 2017 10th May 2017 15th June 2017
Bell, Jean
Coburn, Dominic
Colin Backhouse
Kathryn Marshall
Marsh, Roland
Pitman, Jennifer
Rowland, Jim
Joanne Taylor
Von Landau, Charlie
Angwin, Alastair
Pressnell, Nigel
Jones, Caroline
Christine Wood