Year 11

Work Set: 03/11/2020


Functional Skills – Preparation – 11M2, 11M3 Literature – Blood Brothers (Post 1914 Modern Drama) – 11M1 Language – Reading Skills (11M, 11M2, 11M3)

Curriculum Summary Eng Y11

Curriculum Summary Eng Y11

Curriculum Summary Eng Y11and XB.docx

yr 11 writing

English Language Yr11 Summer Term 1

Curriculum Summaries 11.1 – Literature_Summer 1


Understanding the Number System; Algebra; Collecting and Representing Data; Geometry

Maths y11 XGB Higher Autumn Term 2 Maths

Maths y11 XGB Higher Greenwood School SPRING 1

XGA y10 y11 Maths Foundation Greenwood School Curriculum Summary SPRING 1

XGA y11 Foundation Curriculum Summary Maths

Xgroup y10 y11 Maths F&H Curriculum Summary SPRING 2

SPRING 2 Maths y11 Higher

SPRING 2 Maths XGA y10 y11 Foundation Curriculum Summary

Maths Yr10 and 11 Term 1


Chemistry – Atomic structure and the Periodic Table, Physics – Energy and Electricity

Curriculum Summary Science Year 11 & XGB Autumn 2

Greenwood School Curriculum Summary (Year 11 & XGB Science Spring 1)

Curriculum Summary (Year 11 & XGB Science Spring 2)

Curriculum Summary (Year 11 & XGB Science Summer 1)

Life Skills

Financial decision making Unit, The impact of financial decisions, debt, income, tax, future of money. Applications to Colleges will also be completed

Life Skills Curriculum Summary – Year 11.docx

Life Skills Curriculum Summary Year 11

Life Skills Yr 10 & 11 Curriculum Summary Sum 1


Will be studying towards their ECDL qualification, specifically looking at Microsoft Excel

Year 11 ICT Autumn 2

Year 11 & XB ICT Spring 2


Frequent and Regular Physical Exercise for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing. Healthy Living

Greenwood School Curriculum Summary PE

Greenwood School Curriculum Summary PE Spring term 1


Students will be individually completing their personal GCSE portfolios for the Christmas deadline

Art Spring1 yr 10 and 11 art

Art Spring 2 Year 10 & 11

Art Summer Term 1 Yr 10 and 11

Food Tech

The topic for this term is milk, cheese and yogurt. Students will continue to extend their knowledge of ingredients, their understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet and through practical activities they will develop their practical skills. Students will work towards the Level 2 in Home Cooking Skills qualification

Food Tec curriculum summary year 11


Food Tec Year 11 CURRICULUM SUMMARY Spring 2

Food Tech – YEAR 11 Summer Term 1


Finish construction of the toolbox – dovetail joints and hinging a lid. Nail tray – dovetail joints (extension task). Start design work for own project idea

Spring 11 Construction Curriculum Summary

Spring 2 – Year 11 Construction Curriculum Summary

Construction Year 11 Summer Term 1

Animal Care

Unit 1a Understand the signs of good health in animals. Unit 1c Understand common diseases, causes, transmission and treatment
Past Paper practice and Mock exam for actual Exam Monday 11th January

Animal Care

Animal Care Curriculum Spring 2 2021

Animal Care – summer term 1 Year 11