Work Set: 03/11/2020


Negative numbers; Averages; Algebraic expressions; Angles; Decimals

XGA y11 Foundation Curriculum Summary Maths

XGA y10 y11 Maths Foundation Greenwood School Curriculum Summary SPRING 1

Xgroup y10 y11 Maths F&H Curriculum Summary SPRING 2

SPRING 2 Maths XGA y10 y11 Foundation Curriculum Summary


Literary links to Island PBL, Literacy Skills, Novel (Island at the End of Everything)

Curriculum Summary Eng XA

Curriculum Summary XA Spr 1

Curriculum Summary Eng XA and KS3.docx


Year 10 Chemistry – Atomic structure, the Periodic Table, KS3, Acids and alkalis Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, food science


Will be studying the basics of computer programming using the software Scratch

XGA ICT Autumn Term

Year 10 & XA ICT Spring 2


Frequent and Regular Physical Exercise for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, Healthy Living

Greenwood School Curriculum Summary PE

Greenwood School Curriculum Summary PE Spring term 1


Living in the Wider World – Financial decision making. Saving, borrowing, budgeting and making financial choices

PSHE_KS3_XA and KS3A and B

Curriculum Summary PSHE XA & KS3_Spring 2


Anywhere Island Units  6-9

Project 2


Land Based Studies

Animal Care, feeding and cleaning animals, Preparing raised beds

Animal Care

Animal Care Curriculum Spring 2 2021