Work Set: 03/11/2020


Literary links to Island PBL, Literacy Skills, Novel (Island at the End of Everything)

Curriculum Summary Eng KS3

Curriculum Summary Eng KS3 Spr 1

Curriculum Summary Eng XA and KS3.docx

Literacy XA & KS3B – English Summer Term 1


Triginometry Geometry and measures, Negative numbers; Averages; Algebraic expressions; Angles; Decimals

KS 3 Maths Curriculum Summary

KS 3 Maths Curriculum Summary AWI

Maths KS3 Summer Term 1


Anywhere Island Units  6-9


Project 2

Project Curriculum Summary – summer term 1


Frequent and Regular Physical Exercise for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, Healthy Living

Greenwood School Curriculum Summary PE

Greenwood School Curriculum Summary PE Spring term 1

PE Summer Term 1 & 2 KS3 & Year 10


Living in the Wider World – Financial decision making. Saving, borrowing, budgeting and making financial choices

PSHE_KS3_XA and KS3A and B

Curriculum Summary PSHE XA & KS3_Spring 2

PSHE KS3 Summer Term 1