The student will be introduced to the following areas of motor vehicle maintenance:

  • Introduction to maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Health & Safety in the work place
  • Behaviour in a real working environment

Students will be guided through various tasks of changing a wheel, changing oil & filters, replacing brakes etc.

We have four spaces available to students and can liaise with schools regarding which day of the week and the length of the programme.

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Accreditation Details

Qualification Awarding Body Credit Value SCAAT
Workmobility Certificate
Example Daily Timetable
Time Activity
9:00 Arrive
9:30 Briefing on what is expected to be completed during the day including what they will learn (making it relevant to students)
10:30 Tea break (refreshments provided)
11:00 Working on task
12:00 Lunch break (students to bring their own lunch)
13:00 Working on task e.g. changing a wheel
14:30 Tidy up work area. Group discussion on the day’s work. Feedback Q&A.
15:00 Finish