Key Changes Music Therapy

Individual music therapy sessions for one term, with a 4-session initial assessment period delivered on site at school. Continued therapy provision beyond one term is available, but would be subject to availability and review.

Music therapy is a creative and largely non-verbal approach to personal therapy. The focus would be on creating music in a live and spontaneous way. Both acoustic and electronic instruments could be used, along with music-creating software packages, subject to availability. The child would not need to have musical skills to benefit from this special work. Over time, a trusting relationship would develop through the music created between the therapist and child.

Music Therapy provides communication, social interaction, flexible thinking and emotional support. The benefits of music therapy include raised self-confidence and awareness of others and their feelings.

Small group sessions (4 in a group) could be particularly beneficial to emotionally vulnerable children in terms of confidence issues.

*Included in the cost is a face-to-face session of up to 30 minutes, plus 15 minutes for the therapist’s non-contact time in connection with the session. During this time the therapist would provide feedback to staff and completion any on-site evaluation.


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There will be a range of accessible instruments available such as percussion, keyboard & guitar, with opportunities to explore these while supported by the therapist. Song-writing is also a possibility. The musical focus will be led by the child. Each session is arranged to suit other commitments / expectations and the child’s timetable.